harvest chef table at forager

april 13, 2017

[eats] first course: lamb carpaccio. second course: roasted carrot and radish salad. third course: braised lamb ragout. fourth course: sous-vide lamb chop. fifth course: beignet with blood orange mousse.

eat_roch_mn_forager_chef_series_post_1 (2)eat_roch_mn_forager_chef_series_post_1 (3)eat_roch_mn_forager_chef_series_post_1 (4)eat_roch_mn_forager_chef_series_post_1 (5)eat_roch_mn_forager_chef_series_post_1 (6)

[experience] rochester, mn is feeling like home after a delicious harvest chef series dinner with chef erik paulsen. intimate setting featuring dialogue by farmer about her passion project, lamb raising. personal. purposeful.

eat_roch_mn_forager_chef_series_post_1 (7)eat_roch_mn_forager_chef_series_post_1 (9)eat_roch_mn_forager_chef_series_post_1 (8)eat_roch_mn_forager_chef_series_post_1 (1)eat_roch_mn_forager_chef_series_post_1 (10)

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